FERMA Journal Launch

At iWAT2014, we will celebrate the launch of a new forum and journal, called “Forum in Electromagnetic Research Methods and Applications (FERMA).” FERMA is scheduled to be launched during the first quarter of 2014, under the auspices of the Summa Foundation, with technical support from the University of New Mexico and the EMC Lab of Penn State University. Some unique features of the Journal are:

  1. Open Access.
  2. Invited review papers—book-chapter style, plus a few “selected” contributed papers.
  3. Comments and discussions of these papers.
  4. Forum on "hot topics" debating open issues.
  5. No page limit (within reason).
  6. No page charges.
  7. The authors can include multi-media features in their contributions.

To the best of our knowledge, no such Forum exists anywhere at present, at least in the Electromagnetics area.
Prof Raj Mittra of Penn State University and Dave Giri of Summa Foundation (and UNM), have agreed to serve as the Chief Editors of the Journal when it debuts during January 2014. They will be assisted by an Editorial Board, comprising of well-known authors who have distinguished themselves in various areas of Electromagnetics.

The Forum will have five sections:

  1. Invited Papers. (Note: Contributed Papers will also be welcome in the near future.)
  2. Comments and Discussions on the papers appearing in Section-1 and on related topics.
  3. Forum on “hot” topics, or controversial issues in EM Research and Applications, e.g., Metamaterials, High Power Microwaves, Transformation Optics, High-data rate Communication systems, Energy Harvesting, to name a few.
  4. Symposium Presentations in Special Sessions, or on special Topics, using multimedia PPT and video materials, together with annotations. Feature article on the History of EM, and other interesting topics will also be welcome in this Section.
  5. Announcements and News Items of interest to the EM community

The success of this new venture will depend squarely on active participation by the members of the EM Community. To-date, more than 100 luminaries in our field have agreed to “join the Club” and the number is growing every day. Contributions to Sections-2 and 3 would be especially welcome from the EM community, though they must be strictly “professional” and scientific in nature. No personal or political remarks will be allowed.

University Laboratories and industrial organizations in the EM area, including software companies, will be welcomed to contribute to Section-5, with their latest “news” that might be of interest to the EM Communities. Announcements to Selected Symposia and Workshops will also be featured in this Section, both before and after the meetings.

All submissions will be via the web, and should be emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , until further notice. We will also create a Dropbox for depositing large files. More information containing the details on these will be forthcoming from Edl Schamiloglu of UNM, who has agreed to manage the web.  For the format, we will use the standard LaTex (preferred) or WORD, complemented by pdf, and it would help a lot if the author would strictly follow the style we would recommend on the website, so that the Editorial office would not have to invest its time “fixing” the format problems in order to ensure the uniformity of the publication. Publication will be free to the authors, unless the manuscript requires extensive corrections, either in terms of English or format changes. The authors are urged to take care of these issues at their end, not only to help us publish their papers in a timely manner, but to also avoid unnecessary costs.

The new Journal and Forum, FERMA, should be viewed as a complement to the traditional ones, e.g., T-AP, AP Magazine and PIERS. The authors would be free to publish their works in regular Journals, and would be expected to address the copyright issues on their own. FERMA would assign the copyright to the authors themselves. Additional guidelines will be sent to the authors and will be available on the website.